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Single Item Moving

Sometimes people don’t need an entire moving service. The problem with ALL moving companies is that they don’t bother with small jobs! This sounds like a job for…!  We welcome single item jobs such as a refrigerator pick up from a residential location or a retail location. Our starting rate for single items start at $60 flat rate. That’s right, a small flat rate is an option with a licensed company.

Single Item Moving We move single items such as refrigerators, couches, bed sets, kitchen tables and more. Additionally we move bedroom sets, dining room sets, living room sets as part of this “small job” service. Rest assured that you are getting a high level service at a low rate. Most single item jobs take only 45 minutes depending on the pick up and drop off locations.  If your bed requires disassembly and reassembly, we’ve got you covered.

Single Item Moving

Furniture: Your furniture is covered in furniture pads and moved with industry rated moving equipment. make sure that all valuable and fragile items have been removed from dresser drawers, cabinets and other storage compartments.

Appliances:  When moving appliances, we also offer hook ups of refrigerator water lines, stove/oven/range gas lines and washer and dryer waterlines. If buying or transporting a used refrigerator, make sure that its been emptied/cleared out. All refrigerators are kept upright while being transported.

We can move any appliance. From small apartment sized refrigerators to restaurant triple door refrigerators. All single items fall under our flat rate pricing. No hourly rates for small jobs 🙂

Things you will run into when moving the following:


  • ALL refrigeration appliances must be kept upright while being transported.
  • Water line hook up.
  • If your appliance has an ice maker and/or water dispenser you will need a waterline AND the proper connector ends. There are 3 sizes. Make sure that both ends on the waterline fit the fridge and the waterline of the house. If they do not, you will need to go to your hardware store and get a coupler/adapter in order for the line to be connected. Make sure to buy Teflon tape as well. This will prevent even the smallest drop of water from leaking.
  • Fitting though your doorway.
  • Most apartment sized refrigerators (top freezer) will fit through just about any doorway. However, when you purchase a side by side or a French door refrigerator, there is a good chance that the doors will need to be removed. Either the door of the house or the doors on the refrigerator. Removing the doors on a side by side and a French door fridge will take some time, about 25 min max to remove and another 25 min to install.
  • Switching the side of the handle.
  • Almost all refrigerators have the ability to have the door handles switched. This is something you will want if the fridge door opens away from the wall and not towards it.

Washer and Dryer:

  • When moving a washer and dryer you will need water hoses, gas hook up (if its a gas powered dryer) and a 110/220v electrical plug in.
  • NOTE: Make sure that if you are buying an electric washer/dryer combo unit, you make sure the voltage matches. We have moved appliances for people that find out the hard way. 220v is a much larger plug than your average household plug. And it’s not that easy and cheap to get it converted. You will need to hire a licensed electrician for this.


  • When moving a gas powered unit, you want to not only measure the space to make sure it fits, but also make sure that the gas connectors are the same size. If they are not, don’t worry, all you need is a gas line coupler/adapter/size converter.
Single Item Moving

Special Item Moving

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