Moving Tips


I wanted to create a page that will help you save time, money and stress. A big concern that people have when being charged by the hour is:

  1. “Will my movers be slow?”
  2. “How do I know how long this move is going to take?”
  3. “My last move only took 3hours and we have the same amount of stuff, why are you saying that it will take 5hrs?”

There are many reasons why 2 people that have the exact items may pay a different fee. Let’s say these two people are John and Tim, two twin Bros that think exactly the same for some reason.

  • They both have a 1-bedroom apartment.
  • They both have the exact same list of items.
  • They are both moving FROM the same building, but different apartment units.
  • They are both moving INTO the same new building 20miles away, but again, into separate units.
  • They both hired the EXACT same 2 Moving Bros.

Johns move took 3hrs, but Tim’s move took 8hrs. How can this huge time difference be possible if they both have the exact same amount of stuff?

Here are the top reasons why some people’s moves take longer than others:

1. John was the more organized twin. He packed everything in boxes, unplugged this DVD player, TV, receiver, PlayStation, computer and packed them in boxes. He packed all dishes himself.

Tim left out cups on the table, had his computer and everything else still plugged in. He didn’t take time to pack. This meant that his movers were unable to utilize their dollies and had to grab each item by hand.

2. John lived on the ground floor and lucky for him, the truck was able to park just 10ft from his front door. John was either lucky or reserved a nearby parking spot.

Tim on the other hand, lived in the 12th floor penthouse. This meant that Tim’s movers had to take the elevator up and down 12 floors. To make things even worse, there were other people moving that same day. Other movers were using the same elevator and had to share the use of the elevators. Tim wasn’t prepared enough to reserve parking and the truck had to park by the sidewalk. 75ft away. That’s 65ft further than Tim’s truck.

4. Johns planned his move and requested his movers to arrive at 9:00am. This means that they were on the road by approximately 10:30am. Traffic was as “smooth sailing” as it gets in Los Angeles.

Tim called movers last minute because he forgot it was Moving Day. He slept in and by the time he woke up, the earliest time that a moving company was available was at 1pm. This meant that by the time the truck was loaded, it was… you guess it, rush hour. This caused Tim’s drive time to take 1.5hrs, a FULL hour longer than Johns.

In the end Tim paid a lot more for his move. Not to mention the “last minute” fee that some companies like to charge. Maybe Tim should have called to avoid that last minute booking fee.

We want our customers to be properly informed before moving day. As a moving company, we want our customers to go on Yelp and give us a raving review, therefore growing out name and serving more customers.

Be careful hiring a “cheap” mover without a website or Yelp page. These movers are looking for a quick buck and will not be heard from again if something goes wrong since there is no reputation to protect.